In Year 2, you will have a wide range of Elective GSMs to choose from. You will have an opportunity to select modules beyond your field of study, for an all-rounded education. All Year 2 GSM lessons will begin in Week 2.


Personal Career Strategy 2 (Prescribed 15-hour module)

Take ownership of your career through conscious effort to plan, prepare and commit to your education and career goals. Start developing your career portfolio and networking with industry mentors. Recognise the importance of lifelong learning and skills mastery in developing career resilience in an unpredictable and uncertain work environment. Activities during class will also encourage you to make considered consumer choices and understand the long-term financial impact on the decisions made.


Understanding Singapore 2 – A Larger Perspective (Prescribed 15-hour module) *starting AY2023

In today’s interconnected world, the future of Singapore should be considered in tandem with the development of the global community. By understanding the role that Singapore plays within this community, you gain clearer insights into the driving forces shaping the country’s public and foreign policies. An intimate knowledge of the local and global issues that Singapore faces will further enable you to appreciate its strategic positioning among her global peers.


Respect in Relationships (Prescribed 15-hour module) 

Gender-related perceptions affect our behaviour, attitudes towards relationships, career ambitions and life choices. By understanding the interaction between genders, gender biases, respect and sexual misconduct, you will be empowered to make wise and informed decisions. You will also gain insights and perspectives on developing healthy relationships, including those with your peers, partners and family members. 

In addition, an optional e-Learning topic “Wrong Side of the Bed” is available to improve your understanding of sexual health. The topic will include information on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Access to this optional topic is strictly voluntary


Elective GSMs (15-hour module each)

You will have the opportunity to select two (2) Elective GSMs during Year 2 from a pool of interesting modules offered by other Schools in NYP.  These modules have been designed for you to discover your interest in subject matters beyond your field of study. Click here for the full list of elective GSMs.


Check out the guidelines on selecting Year 2 Elective GSMs.