All students in Year 1 will take a number of prescribed General Studies Modules that are key to building up an all-rounded education in NYP.


Personal Career Strategy 1 (Prescribed 15-hour module)

Here, you will discover the various career options related to your field of study and pick up skills that will help you succeed in work and life. Gain life skills that will help you clarify your career goals, engage early in career planning, and recognise what resilience means. Learn to appreciate values, skills and attitudes in different settings. More importantly, learn how to identify opportunities and set personal goals for career success.


Understanding Singapore 1 – A Closer Look (Prescribed 15-hour module)

In Singapore, anyone regardless of their background or age, can play a part in making it a safe, vibrant and sustainable place to live in. By understanding the role that you can play in this country and its dynamic social environment, you will be empowered to become a participative citizen. A close-up look at the needs and challenges faced by the various communities in Singapore will also enable you to appreciate the importance of unity and diversity within our society.


Fitness for Life (Prescribed 30-hour module)

The Fitness for Life module gives you the opportunity to select one sports/wellness activity from a wide range – from aerobics to yoga, frisbee to basketball. You can try out a new sport and keep fit and healthy at the same time! This module enables you to participate in a sport of your choice and you will be able to enjoy learning it together with your peers.


Note: Please read through the guidelines for Fitness for Life (AY2022S2)  here.