Title Description
Academic Matters
Student Attendance System

View student attendance records

Academic Matters - Academic Results
View Current Semester Results

To view assessment results of current semester (for a period of 2 weeks, from date of results release)

View All Semester Results

To view assessment results of all semesters

View Academic Support Modules Results

To view assessment results of academic support module

View Optional Elective Modules Results

To view assessment results of optional elective module

View Computation of GPA

Assessment results related e-services

Academic Matters - Course Related
Select Course for CEP

To select course for common entry programme

Academic Matters - Modules and Electives
Register Modules/Competency Units

Register modules/competency units online

Change Module/Competency Unit Activity Group

To change module/competency unit activity group

View Module/Competency Unit Tutors & PEM

To view contact details of your personal mentor and module/competency unit tutors.

View Modules/Competency Units Registered

To view modules registered

Select Specialisation / Elective Programmes / Options

To select specialisation programmes or electives for current semester.

Select Pgm Prescribed Elective Modules

To select pgm prescribed elective modules

Apply Diploma-Plus Modules

To apply for Diploma-Plus modules

Select Prescribed Elective Modules

To select complementary studies for current/next semester.

GS Selection Module

Selection of GS Modules by students

Academic Matters - Timetables and Exams
View Personalised Timetables

To view personalised module/competency unit/examination timetables.

View Timetable by Module/Competency Unit

To view timetable by module/competency unit.

View Timetable by Core Package

To view timetable by core package.

View Exam Timetable

To view examination timetable

Academic Matters - Transcript and Certificate
Request for Academic Transcript

To request for a copy of academic transcript. An administrative fee per transcript will be levied.

Request for Replacement Certificate

To request for a copy of replacement certificate. An administrative fee per replacement certificate will be levied.

Print Letter of Certification

Print letter of certification

Generate Letter of Certification for Graduates

To submit request for letter of certificate (for graduate)

View Status of Online Request

To view status of online requests

Academic Matters - e-Learning

Platform for Students to access lectures, videos, assessments for their e-Learning needs.


Platform for Students to access shared content across polytechnics for their e-Learning needs.


Platform for Students to access lectures, videos, assessments for their e-Learning needs.

Care & Guidance
Request Counselling Service

Counselling service

Book Appointments (i@Central)

Make appointment with student services

Upload SCG Documents

To upload documents for SCG

Facilities Reservation
Book NYP Facilities

To book / cancel / view your campus facilities booking

Book Library Smart Learning Spaces

To book / cancel / view your library smart learning spaces

Financial and Grants
View Fee Status / Pay Fee

To check if you have paid up your tuition and supplementary fees.

View GIRO Bank Detail

To check details of your GIRO account.

Apply Financial Arrangement

To request for Financial special arrangement

Enquire Remaining Subsidy Count

To check how many more times an eligible CET PR student can enjoy the subsidy.

Financial and Grants - Apply Financial Assistance
Apply NYP Scholarship (by invitation only)

To apply NYP scholarships

Apply for Bursaries

To apply for Financial Assistance during specified application period only (dates available on the Scholarships & Bursaries web pages)

Apply for NEU PC Plus Grant 

To apply NEU PC Plus Grant during specified application period only

Apply Opportunity Fund Grant

To apply opportunity fund grant

My Account
Update My Profile

To update your address, telephone number and other personal particulars. Graduands may access this eService.

Change Password

Change NYP Student Portal Password

Subscribe SMS Services

Manage subscription for SMS services

Activate/Deactivate Student Card Access

To activate or deactivate your student card access

Submit Statement of Absence

To inform the Polytechnic of your absence from all classes and assessments including examinations. Students should use this service for submission of statement of absence

Forgot Password

Function to reset password if student has forgotten password.

My Outlook Email

Access to Exchange Online for Student

Staff Directory

To enquire telephone and email address of NYP Staff


Access to Library Portal

Student Life
Student Life Academy

SLA at NYP offers our students the best exposure to enrichment programmes, based on their own preferences and choices. Here, they can try out new sports, attend clinics to improve their skills, interact with interesting speakers at lunchtime talks or take up courses to improve personal effectiveness.

Submission of Online Proposal for Activity

To create proposal for student activities and student registration for Student Life Academy Programmes & Campus Wide Events. Current students may access the system

View / Registered Events / Programmes

To view student life academy programmes or events

Overseas Programme

To apply for NYP Overseas Programmes and view status of application

Student Life - CCA
Print Unofficial CCA Transcript

To print unofficial CCA transcript

View Fitness Test Results

To view fitness test results.

Request for CCA Transcript

To request an issue of CCA transcript. An administrative fee per transcript will be levied. For graduates only.

Register CCA

To view and register for CCA.


SMS Notification Services

The SMS Services offered by NYP are only applicable to Singapore registered mobile numbers. You do not have to pay for the use of SMS Notification Services. However, the usual SMS charges by the relevant telephone companies apply when you are using the 2-Way SMS Enquiry Services. 


How to Register for SMS Notification Services

To register, log in to myNYP Portal and visit the 'Register for Mobile Services' page; choose the mobile services that you are interested in and then click on the [Submit] button. Please ensure that your mobile number is correctly captured. If not, you may update your mobile number via eServices > Personal Information > Update Particulars.


NYP Announcement (Registration NOT required)

NYP may send you any important announcements via SMS if you have given your mobile number to NYP

Release of Assessment Results (Registration required)*

Your assessment results (module grades) would be sent to your mobile phone on the day of the release of results only if you have registered for this service.

Library Reminders on Loan Items and Reservations (Registration required)*

NYP Library will send you a reminder on load due date, and alers on overdue loans and reserved items ready for collection to your mobile phone only if you have registered for this services.


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