[IMPORTANT] Diplomas Requiring Students to do Fitness for Life (FFL) in AY2022S2


If you are in one of the following diploma courses, you will be required to take the Fitness for Life (FFL) module in AY2022S2.

S/N School Diploma Groups



Diploma in Biologics & Process Technology (Programme 2)
Diploma in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology (Programme 2)
Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science



Diploma in Accountancy & Finance 
Diploma in Banking & Finance
Diploma in Business Management
Diploma in Food & Beverage Business
Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management 



Diploma in Animation and Visual Effects
Diploma in Digital Game Art & Design
Diploma in Motion Graphics Design
Diploma in Visual Communication



Common Engineering Programme (EGDF94) 



Diploma in Nursing 
Diploma in Oral Health Therapy 
Diploma in Social Work



Diploma in Business & Financial Technology
Diploma in Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics
Diploma in Information Technology

FFL Lesson Schedule


All FFL lessons will start in Week 2 and run until Week 16 of the semester. Depending on which School you are in, it will be held on different weekdays, from 4pm - 6pm.


Monday (4.00 - 6.00pm) Tuesday (4.00 - 6.00pm) Wednesday (4.00 - 6.00pm) Thursday (4.00 - 6.00pm)


School of Business Management

School of Applied Science

School of Health & Social Sciences

School of Engineering

School of Design & Media

School of Information Technology

FFL Lesson Venues


Depending on the sports option, lessons will be conducted at different locations in the campus. Please click here for the lesson venues. You must report to the sports location for your Week 2 lessons. There, your instructor will provide you with further information.

Briefing in Week 1


There will be a briefing in Week 1 on administration matters, safety and expectations for students taking the FFL module in that semester. 

More information will be provided on the briefing nearer the start of Semester 2. Do remember to return here for further details.

Please note the briefing dates for the different Schools:


School Date & Day


17 October 2022, Monday


18 October 2022, Tuesday


19 October 2022, Wednesday


20 October 2022, Thursday

Lessons for all FFL activities will only start in Week 2 of the semester.

Number of Sports Options


There will be a total of 15 sports and wellness activity options for selection in this module. You have to pick only one option.


[IMPORTANT] Signing Up for the FFL Sports Options


If you are assigned to take the FFL module in the semester, please log in to the NYP Student Portal to select the sports and wellness activity of your choice.
(Note: The FFL Selection Guide will be available nearer the date of the registration exercise, so do remember to return to this site.) 

Selection Dates:

School Start Date & Day Start Time End Date & Day End Time


18 Oct 2022 (Tuesday)

1000 hrs

19 Oct 2022 (Wednesday)

2359 hrs


18 Oct 2022 (Tuesday)

0800 hrs

19 Oct 2022 (Wednesday)

2359 hrs


20 Oct 2022 (Thursday)

0900 hrs

21 Oct 2022 (Friday)

1700 hrs


18 Oct 2022 (Tuesday)

1400 hrs

19 Oct 2022 (Wednesday)

1200 hrs


12 Oct 2022 (Wednesday)

0900 hrs

13 Oct 2022 (Thursday)

1700 hrs


20 Oct 2022 (Thursday)

0900 hrs

21 Oct 2022 (Friday)

1700 hrs

It is important that you log in to the Student Portal at the designated day/time to select your option.

Students who do not select their option will be assigned an option by the School.

Your Log-in ID and Password


Log-in ID: Your NYP email address

Password: Your Password

Vacancies per Sports Option


Each sports option has a prescribed number of vacancies. When you are logged in, you will see the available vacancies in the Sport selection page. Once the option is fully subscribed, you will not see this option online.

Therefore, it is important that you log onto the system in a timely manner to make your selection.

Am I Eligible for the Sports Options if I Have a Medical Condition?


If you are unable to participate in any of the sports options due to a medical condition/other reasons, please inform your Personal Mentor and school Fitness for Life (FFL) Module Leader (ML) immediately, and provide the necessary supporting medical/doctor’s report.

You will then be registered by your school into the Arts for Sports group.

We do not recommend students with a medical condition to participate in the physical activities as the coaches are not trained to handle medical emergencies. Hence, it is advisable to declare your medical condition as soon as possible to your Personal Mentor and FFL ML .

Appropriate Attire


You will be advised on the proper attire during the Week 1 briefing. Students who are not appropriately attired will not be allowed to participate in the activity for safety reasons.

Recording of Attendance


You will be required to record your attendance for each lesson.

What Should I do if I Am Not Feeling Well on the Lesson Day?


You are not required to report for lesson, but you need to get a medical certificate from the doctor and submit the Statement of Absence (SOA) to the school’s administration office immediately when you are back in school.

What Should I do if Medical Issues Arise During the Semester?


Please approach your Personal Mentor (PEM) with supporting documents immediately. Your PEM will then advise you accordingly.

Passing the Module


There will be 3 ICAs consisting of:

  1. 1 MCQ
  2. 1 Practical; and
  3. 1 Test


Details will be provided during the lessons.

You will need to obtain at least 50% out of the possible 100% from the 3 ICAs to pass this module. 

Failing the Module


Should you fail the FFL module, you will need to take additional GSMs to fulfil the required credits for graduation.