What is OE pre-registeration?

As optional electives, foreign language OE modules adopt a registration process consisting of the following steps:

  1. Pre-registration: Eligible NYP students indicate their interest by selecting the language of their choice.
  2. Balloting: Where class vacancies are in short supply, a computer balloting will be conducted to ensure a fair allocation.
  3. Official registration: Successful applicants will be registered in the system by their respective schools to the OE modules of their choice.


When do I pre-register?

  • Pre-registration opens on Monday, 8 April 2024, 9.00am
  • Pre-registration closes on Friday, 12 April 2024, 11.00am


Where do I register?

  • Students applying for OE level 1 are to submit their application using the [online application form].
  • Once logged in, you can follow the menu instructions to select the OE module and timetable slot.
  • Each student is allowed to submit the pre-registration form ONCE with the choice of a single OE module
  • Repeated submissions will render the application void. 
  • Should you, for some valid reason, need to change your pre-registration information after the submission, you may contact our staff-in-charge.


How do I know if my application is successful?

Applicants will receive an email by the end of Week 1 notifying them if their application is successful or not.


When will I start the first lesson?

All Foreign Language OE modules will start the first lesson in Week 2. For weekly timetable details, go to the Module Timetable page.