This policy document relates specifically to the wireless network at the Nanyang Polytechnic. 




    The Wireless Network Policy applies to all wireless network users (Staff, Students/Learners and Sponsored Users) and equipment operating within the campus. 

    The Wireless Network Services and associated Service Set Identifiers (SSID) will be broadcasted. The following are the broadcasted SSIDs in NYP and their usage:

    • STAFF – For staff
    • STAFF-2.4G – For Staff legacy device
    • NYP-Student – For Student
    • NYP-Student-2.4G – For Student legacy device
    • NYP-SponsoredUser – For NYP sponsored guests
    • NYP- Account – For Adjunct Lecturers and IoT devices
    • POLITE-CET – For CET Student
    • NYP-Guest – For Event wifi
    • SIT-POLY – For Singapore Institute of Technology 


    The Wireless Network connectivity covers the entire campus as shown in the Coverage.




      Computer & Network Centre is responsible for authorising, managing and auditing connections to the Nanyang Polytechnic Wireless Network, as well as for the security and integrity of the Wireless Network. Records and logs are kept providing audit data for the purpose of tracking connectivity issues and possible misuse. 

      Computer & Network Centre is responsible for maintaining the Wireless Network Policy and for establishing standards for the deployment of wireless network technology.

      Computer & Network Centre will continue to monitor, evaluate, develop and where applicable, incorporate new wireless network technology for the benefit of the Nanyang Polytechnic's community. We will continue to expand the wireless LAN to enhance the coverage where appropriate.


        Acceptable Use Policy of Wireless Network


        Access is contention based and the performance of wireless networks operating over a shared medium relies upon several parameters such as the number of other client connections, application usage, operating environment and possible interferences of unauthorised wireless devices installed in the locations.

        Wireless Network coverage will continue to expand across the campus, operating within the 5GHz frequency range. Not all access points will support 2.4GHz frequency range. There is also no bandwidth prioritisation or capping. Wireless users shall exercise fair-use prudence and refrain from hogging wireless bandwidth by downloading large-sized media file which is non-academic or non-work related.

        The Authenticated Wireless Network currently employs 802.1x/PEAP with dynamic WPA2 enterprise as its primary authentication and encryption strategy. This provides secure authentication and unique per user/per session encryption keys which are updated periodically. Update of the session keys is automatic and is performed in the background not visible to the user.

        It is explicitly forbidden to run unauthorised wireless network devices that are using the same Service Set Identifiers (SSID) associated with Computer & Network Centre’s managed wireless services.

        Any unauthorised wireless devices operating within the campus wireless spectrum will be considered rogue devices. As such, depending upon configuration, these devices may present a substantial security threat and will be subject to removal from the network.

        Computer & Network Centre must be notified of any existing or proposed device installations with wireless transmitting capability.

        All wireless installations must comply with the wireless network architecture and standards developed through Computer & Network Centre.

        It is explicitly forbidden to connect any wireless network device or equipment directly into the wired campus network.

        In order to safeguard Nanyang Polytechnic’s network and mitigate the clients’ exposure to external threats, users’ wireless devices which are used to connect to wireless network must,

        • be installed with anti-virus software and updated to the latest virus definitions
        • have operating system that is fully patched and running the latest service packs
        • not run in ad-hoc mode, i.e. peer-to-peer mode
        • not have their accounts and passwords shared or disclosed


        Due to the wide array of devices operating at the same frequencies within the 802.11 2.4GHz range which may lead to congestion and contention issue due to limited channels, 2.4GHz wireless networks should not be utilised for mission critical applications or services unless the devices cannot support 5GHz frequency range.

        If users of the wireless network are in any doubt as to how to configure their client device, assistance can be sought at the first level through the school and department administrators.

        In view of the technology advancement for faster speed and the IoT wireless connectivity, NYP will phase out 2.4GHz frequency range for endpoint devices on 31st Dec 2019.

        The Nanyang Polytechnic’s Wireless Network should not be used inappropriately; in particular you should not use the network to:

        • send, receive or make available any materials that might be considered offensive, obscene or indecent
        • send, receive or make available any materials that might infringe copyright, e.g. MP3 or other audio and video formats run peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing software, e.g. Kazaa
        • intercept or attempt to intercept other wireless transmissions for the purposes of eavesdropping
        • access or run utilities or services which might negatively impact on the overall performance of the network or deny access to the network, e.g. RF jamming, Denial of Service (DoS)
        • access or attempt to access systems or resources to which you are not authorised
        • provide services which may interfere with normal network operation
        • provide access to others, e.g. allowing a third party to use your credentials to access the network


          Disciplinary Actions


          Misuse of the wireless network or Nanyang Polytechnic’s wireless spectrum will be taken seriously. Such misuse may lead to immediate permanent removal of any unapproved wireless networking equipment or suspension of account for connecting to NYP Wireless Network. For deliberate or repeated breach of the policy, disciplinary action in accordance with NYP Staff Conduct and Discipline Regulations 1992 will be carried out.