NOTE: Should watching any of the content on this page stir up any challenging emotional experiences, please speak with our counsellors by making an appointment.

Others Description
Boredom While Boredom can be a discomforting experience for most of us, is it always BAD? Or is there something purposeful driving this almost universal experience? This video can expand perspectives on boredom & give you more ideas on how to work with it.
Break-ups Break-ups can be both painful experiences but are often also the ones that contribute most lessons in understanding ourselves. This video sheds some wisdom that may be helpful with recovering & moving from a break-up
Bullying Light-hearted easy viewing video showcasing simple tips in handling situations involving bullying as well as a breakdown of bullying dynamics that's simple to understand.
Loneliness & Being Alone The title says it all. A video that provides a crystal-clear differences between loneliness & being alone. Understanding the differences can make a positive difference to your mental well-being. Whether you identify as an introvert or extrovert, this video has some wisdom for you.
Procrastination Is procrastination all that bad or a necessary 'evil'? What is this behaviour of procrastinating that all humans engage in at times? An insightful look into understanding our procrastination so that you do not have to be too hard on yourself.
Stress - Types & Causes A video that provides a balanced view between stress that is good (eustress) & stress that is... not so good (distress).

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